a webcomic that examines the question i’ve asked myself time and again: what if morrissey was my boyfriend? the idea blossomed in lockdown, spring 2020. after all, it’s an upside-world where anything is possible except life as usual.

who is the morrissey of this comic? the morrissey i like to think of as classic morrissey. the morrissey that first came onto my radar in the 90s. morrissey with the quiff. morrissey made miserable by everyone, equally. fluid morrissey, accepting morrissey, i’m-alone-and-so-are-you-so-we’re-together morrissey. morrissey of the songs that make me laugh and the songs that make me cry. unloveable, but i love him. never had no one ever, except he has me. we have each other. morrissey and i. 

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